Pueblo Arriba — up to a new town

hiking on P-day

hiking on P-day

Saludos from the south…

Well let me just say ITS HOT OUT HERE, but it’s not unbearable. I just sweat ALL the time and I actually smell bad by the end of the day… sorry, hope that wasn’t too much detail. haha.

Wow let me just say it’s a whole lot different than Vicente Noble.  I love it but I also miss how tranquilo Vicente Noble was.  The rama here is pretty big and the members are awesome.  There is always more to be strengthened but siempre (still).  There are a few RM´s in the rama as leaders which is good bc it means they have more experience in the church.

Hna Black is my new companion, she is just awesome!  She is hilarious and just laughs all the time. She just loves these people and wants to help them change.  The language has been a difficulty for her but we are going to work hard to help her out with that.  I´m really excited to be her comp and just love it out here.

We have some investigators who are awesome a few jovenes (youth) and they have parents for menos activos.

This house I live with a hna leader and she is awesome Hna Mejia and hna jensen her comp they are so awesome and work really hard.   It’s always a new adjustment to new people in the house and the new weird things that work and don’t work but it’s just an adventure.

We live so close to everyone and so today we went to a mercado with our district. Of course the elders bought a ton of ties haha.  Kind of like a swap meet. I got a new skirt for 30 pesos- SCORE!  haha and it has pockets!

Let’s just say this week was a week of patience bc  I just wanted to meet all of my investigators and i cannot meet them all in one day but I’m starting to know a little bit better how to go everywhere.  It’s still a process but i love the new challenge.

Have  good week!!

Con amor,

Hermana Johnson


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