December Already?!


my caps are not working much today…

well this week was rough but over all God loves and guides us. He has his plan and well sometimes we just need to keep marching even though its difficult.

today the Christmas season begins officially as we enter deciembre! Its always fun to see the lights and decor. In our room we put up some lights hehe!

we did a companionship study with a member this week and she is the young women pres of the stake. what an amazing mom, leader and disciple of Christ she is. she is a doctor too. she is so willing to give of her time to help us bring these sweet young women to Christ!

2015 11 Thxgiving pie  Thanksgiving apple pie!

well thanks mom for the thanksgiving food of stuffing and such it was so good, and the spices. i made some pumpkin cookies for our district meeting yum!!

we went to the tertulia or night of excelence of our young women! they are so awesome and cute! all with there own trials and problems but trying to do their best and walk in God’s path.

we have found some interesting people and we are excited to see where they go.

yesterday one of our recent converts came out with us. even in the maguada or monsoonish rain. we soaked our feet and not our books luckily. she is such a trooper and such an example. Marielys is awesome!

sorry i have a scattered brain today. dont know why

Have a great week!



Familia and Amistades,

I’ve been praying a TON I think God might be tired of my prayers, but to be honest i have been feeling that i was  maybe just been too prideful but i have really been trying to do things more sincerely pay more attention to the spirit and the promptings.  He really is our third companion if we are prepared.

the Lord has really answered my prayers this week and well i feel so blessed i think satan has been working on me extra hard to make me feel less in my self worth but i have been trying to fight it and well although God hasn’t sent some one to say something directly i know that he loves me and answers my prayers because we have had a week of not a ton of lessons and a lot of contacting but full or miracles or tender mercies…

one day all of our lessons fell through and we went to an investigator and for some reason i kept turning the wrong way.  we went to her and she wasn’t home so we went the way that i kept turning well it appears that the spirit was guiding us and we went to contact this lady and we told her we were missonaries and she just opened the door and let us in we sat and had a lesson way guided bc the way it was taught was not logical at all… and well she asked about the book of Mormon and had so much interest.  we invited her to be baptized and she said yes. well she just loved our message and in the end she told all of her nietos (grandkids) to come and pray. we all knelt and prayed wow what a cool lesson. beatriz is awesome we are so excited to visit her again.

a few days later we went contacting bc again our citas fell but of course God has purpose with all we conteacted thes apt with intercoms and well my experience with intercom hasn’t been super awesome usually people say nah or just say they don’t have time –well we touched the first one and she asked of what our message was and well i briefly stated the restauracion and she asked it we had a librito we said yes and well she sent her son to come and get it we put an appointment visit her and well we left all excited then realized we didnt contact the rest so we went back and the next one didnt answer but the next we said we were misisonaries and she let us in! well we taught and she felt it. you could see it.

well that was a ton sure enougth we get to sunday and well we went to stake conference. what a spirit filled room.  we sure have inspired leaders here in independencia! SO many great topics and perfect for our people.

Well hna Gines is awesome she is from Utah and has 5 months in the mission. she is barely taller than me and loves talk. she likes to work out which is nice and we are so excited to work miracles. before her she was in azua just in the other hna house so i already knew her. She is awesome!

Well Happy thanksgiving and enjoy it! it appears we will be having the thanksgiving mom sent in my birthday package! yum!! and I’m making pumpkin cookies for our district for wednesday. thats about as good as it gets here haha

2015 1101 bday cake face

I´m so grateful for… this gospel, the happiness it brings, Jesus Christ his love and power he gives us, for my family, my companion, my mission president, tender mercies and well just the adventure!

As we are asked everynight… what was your miracle of the day!?
remember to look for the tender mercies and miracles– you´d be surprised at what you´ll find!

Love you tons!!!

Hermana Johnson

Life lessons


This week Hna graham and i were humbled… haha . Well…remember the snowball fight i told you about last week..? It went wrong. 😦

We started chipping the ice out with a knife not thinking anything of it. Afterward we saw a little sign that said not to use knives… well the deed was already done and we broke our freezer . We didn’t notice till the next day though. We got a hold of a member who fixed it for us!! Yay for awesome members!

haha we lived without a fridge and while it’s not necessary it is rather handy.. Needless to say it was an expensive week bc of the loss of food and fridge repair..

Sometimes you think you are good and have it all together and then you realize you’re still a young kid who really has a lot of more life experience and mistakes to make haha. Lesson learned.

We have three parejas that we are working with and other people but mainly them and well

first there are the lawyers jorge and agustina… their son was killed a year ago tomorrow. and they dont have big problems with the commandments but they have struggles

then there is jorge and emperatriz…jorge got baptized with his family when he was younger and has been inactive until this last month his novia that he lives with has been going to church for three years and well we are just waiting for him to say yes to marriage so she can get baptized… getting closer paso a paso

and soranghl y nathanael…she was baptized at 8 and they have 3 year old little boy, but they still need to get married and well we are working so he can get baptized!!

Marriage… so difficult.

The ward is awesome and with hard work, obedience and faith we are going to have some awesome miracles!!! yaya!!

We are finding others and trying to make sure i know as many members as I can before Hna Graham leaves! ahhh!!

We will see what life brings us!!

love you!

Hermana Johnson

Emenadas de yucca


well today we learned how to make empanadas de yucca, yum!!!! So fried and delicious. A recent convert taught us and it was way fun!

Also we had a snow ball fight as we cleaned ice out of our fridge haha, yes it was awesome !!!

The other hermanas are leaving this week… i will miss them but hna graham and i will have good times too.

To be honest this was a rough week, we walked a lot and found some people but we are going to have a great week this week with a ton of help from members. Last night we had capacitation with the members and the bishopric planned it. They all have plans how to help to find and reactivate with us. yay!!

We will have noche de hogar tonight !!

I’m still meditizando (ponderize) and yes i love it! keep up the good work.

con mucho amor

Herman johnson

Culture Shock….


Let me just tell you –I didn’t realize how different my life was until i got transferred… culture shock is weird, hard and well just weird. Holy guacamole! (speaking of which that is what we ate with lunch today- YUM!)

I´m in a barrio (neighborhood), we have a obispado, i have a completely different role in the barrio than I’ve had my whole mission. There are cars everywhere, people have nice houses. Elder Acosta de la setenta lives in our ward, as well as a conejero de the mission. We don’t do anything on Sundays at church but say hello to everyone. We eat at people’s houses. Every Sunday we eat at bishop’s house. People reject us through there intercoms, other people just speak english to us. Alley ways or callajones here are crazy and super easy to get lost. My stomach hurt from eating real food. Things are more expensive -fancy grocery stores. We are neighbors to the ward of presidente. We have basically a 5k long area and we can see the ocean from our roof… we have running water and have 24 hrs light. Basically –I live in the capital!
So we were supposed to be just us, but right now we have a couple extra hermanas in our house while their house gets fixed because their other house some person was trying to break in. Their new house will be ready soon. I miss having latinas in the house and these two are fun.
It was good week, I’m trying to get to know the area the best i can, i will only have one transfer with Hna Graham and hna Nuckols said she would be here to train me in the area, yeah, so I’m a little nervous but I’ll be fine. 🙂

I love you!! work hard!

Also, remember to ponderize (If you don’t know this word, see last week’s post)

Hermana Johnson

Crazy week…

2015 10 Hermanas Azua small


Another crazy week of traveling, intercambios (exchanges) and general conference!!!

Well to start the week we did intercambios in the house, I was able to leave with Hna Flake in the morning and Hna Mayfield in the afternoon.  They are awesome and it was fun to see Hna flake teach, she is learning so much and I just love them dearly!

On Wednesday I headed to the capital with Hna Smith, Hna Beukers and hna Garrido.  Hna Smith is going home and the others are new Hna leaders.  Consejo (Leadership counsel) was awesome and humbling, I just love it so much, being humbled is like working out it hurts so good. haha  I have lots to work on and new things to do to be a better hermana leader and missionary.  I’m so excited to work in my new area.

…and my new area is in the capital called Independencia and I will be with my hija (daughter) of the mission again!! woohoo surprise!! hehe  Now she gets to train me on the capital life.  I’m excited to be in a barrio (neighborhood) what? those exist? haha  It will be so different.  Needless to say I’m ready for the adventure!

Let’s just day I LOVED general conference, I just felt so edified and ready to change! I’m excited to have new apostles and leaders

Here are a few things I liked, I’ll do my best to translate them to what they would be in English…

The talk from elder Lawrence–what more do I lack?, what is keeping me from progressing?

Also elder Cook’s, about self control, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.  It’s like a muscle

Elder Durrant’s about meditizar-memorize and meditate, I’m not sure what the mixture is in english but I thought it was a good idea and I’m going to do it.  [“ponderize”= 80% ponder, 20% memorize a verse of scripture]

Well there were a ton of other good ones, if not all, but these are a few that i liked.

Also a fun moment of the week..

Last week we contacted this man named guarionet and he is just great.  Currently we are looking for priesthood so Azua can become a stake.  and we put a cita [appointment] with him for later in the week.  He went to church last week and really enjoyed it. On intercambios the hermanas tried to find him but he wasn’t home but we ended up finding him on saturday night.  We were going to share about living prophets like the times of old but for some reason we just decided to share about baptism– well the Lord led and guided us and we just put a fecha [date] with him.  We dont know all of his trials or difficulties but he accepted and he is taking one more step unto Christ, sadly he didn’t make it to conference bc he had to go the capital urgently but we are excited bc he has a lot of potential and we can see him as a great leader

Little miracles don’t just happen once in while-but all the time!


Hermana Johnson

Pato, Lluvia, Enfermedades, y Milagros‏

2015 08 storm erika small

This week was full of craziness and miracles!!

Well last pday after we wrote we ate with the familia matos they killed one of their ducks and we ate it!! yum. We learned how to cook it and such, I was a little sad we missed the killing but not too much. ahah

We had a few extra hermanas in the house on Monday night for exchanges and it was awesome!

The whole week before my body was achey and then the cold hit monday but wow i know we had power from the temple or something, bc I have never gotten better so quick from a cold before. I felt a TON better every day. I didn’t think i was going to make it on our day of exchanges, haha but I did!

This week we taught francia about baptism and she asked who was going to baptise her and I guess she needs to get to know the people in the ward so she can chose whowill do it. She just loves the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yesterday we talked about the dia de reposo (Sabbath Day) and well she said she kept it evey day practically haha.

Versania is a contact that was truly meant to be. She told us about 5 times yesterday when we met with her. and she just feels that God really sent us to her, before she felt really depressed but its leaving little by little. The lord has really humbled her and prepared her to hear the gospel.

Also we have the familia matos who we ate duck with, we are working a lot with them to get everyone active and married, so they can get sealed in the temple parents children and grandparents.

Last week we met with Raquel she has an esposo that she need s to get marreid to, a couple of weeks ago she told us that he is atheist and also that he wasn’t super interested in getting divorced so they can get married but well this week in our cita she said he had read the whole little kid picture book of the ldm and started to real one. So we shared with him on Saturday with her and he asked us where can i get a copy of this ldm (libro de Mormon or Book of Mormon in English) well we brought him over one that day! He is so excited and told us he feels a spiritual difference in his life from reading the book. He heads back to work in the east side tomorrow but he’ll be back in 15 or so days. Hhe had a funny question when we were ending and well he has a litte longer hair but its curly and stuff and I told him don’t worry my cunado (brother in law) had longer hair before also, and i showed him a pic of greg the other day haha

Basically i have never seen so many miracle in my life than this transfer.

I love the mission! don’t ever send me home. [They sent her some paperwork this week that needed to be filled out for her return travel—so quickly it approaches!]

Have a great week!

Hermana Johnson

[Her title is–Duck, Rain, sickness and miracles, she didn’t quite get to the rain part I think, but she loves it when it rains there since it’s always so warm. The picture is from a few weeks ago when Hurricane Erika was supposed to hit there, they enjoyed plenty of rain.]