Transfers, Bautizmos, and… I got sick!‏

Halo familia!

This week has been an adventure.  Hna walter is doing much better. thanks for the prayers.

Wednesday was hard, we all felt yucky but then we realized that we really hadn’t taught lessons in 5 days and then we realized how hard it will be when we get home… I am not looking forward to that.  We fasted and continued in teaching and felt a ton better.

It was a little bit stressful of a week seeing how we didn’t get a P-day and we had 3 baptisms coming up… but the Lord sure helped us.  We had our district meeting and I asked for a blessing from Elder Herrera, he is one of the most humble missionaries I know.  It really lifted me up and it helped me make it through the week.  We visited Beljika, my favorite old lady, who is only menos activo because she can’t walk to church.  She reminds me a little of Sister Petri. We visited Dormita on Friday and she said she did not want to get baptized… but we talked it through because she really is super timid and shy, and we asked, “If no one was there would you want to get baptized still?” She said yes. Then by the end she was fine.  We also used a really cool analogy with red Refesco, well… we used orange, and Clorox. We poured some soda, which represents our sins, into a cup then talked about the Clorox, which is baptism, and poured that in.  When you put the Clorox in the Refresco it turns white. After baptism we sin more so we poured more soda in and it was still white. So really we all need the Sacrament every week to renovar nuestros convenios con Dios. (renew our covenants with God). We showed the same thing to Delfia and Antoni.

Saturday was the big day!!! SO many people wore white for the Navidad Blanca and it was awesome!! And we are all staying in our same district this transfer, which means I get to “kill” Hna. Huish! Yaay! (meaning be her last companion)

Sunday, Pres. and Hna. Nuckols came to our rama. It was fun to see them. I also got sick for the first time … I felt nasty… I barfed then went to Tamayo for church and barfed again.  But I feel a lot better now, just a little achy. I have to say I so would’ve rather had a cold. I don’t think I have ever been so nasty feeling… haha and yes, I miss you Mom.

FELIZ NAVIDAD A TODOS! I am so excited to Skype y’all. I won’t be emailing this next week because of Skype. I hope your celebrations are super fun. Oh! BTW thanks for the TREE!! It seriously made my day with all the notes and such!! Thanks for the recipes and music–best Christmas presents ever! and Hna. Nuckols thought it was a super cute idea too!

2014 12 tree
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Johnson