‘Let us all Press On’

mango tree

Awesome to have a mango tree outside our apartment!

This week we have be praying and trying to find. It has been quite the week with numbers a little abajo, but we have found some super awesome people and we are excited to follow up also.

To follow up on our miracle menos activo Ed, who went to church last week—we visited him on Saturday and wow there was a difference in his countenance even though he denied it, but there he was happier, more willing to participate, and well he seemed to have enjoyed it. Unfortunately he was not able to get to church his week partially his lack of desire( a little) and he was also sick but wow, he has really started to progress and he read the first 16 chapters of Nephi in one day.. so a little good and bad for the week with him but we have great hope that his future is bright!

Hna May and I are learning and well our animo is a little low but I just love this work, I just have been overwhelmed and discouraged by the trials i think but you know it all works out with extra prayer and striving for motivation.

We have interviews this week and I’m excited to receive a checkup, we can say—it makes me realize all the more i can do, feel good for what I am doing, and have animo to work harder!

I love you and enjoy your week!!

Hermana Johnson