No More Rice and Beans


2014 10 bola hitching

I’m not going to lie, this week has been hard and I have really been able to feel true sorrow through the power of the atonement. But it has made me even more grateful for the atonement in my life.
We had a recent convert basically say she didn’t know if she wanted to follow Christ, we asked her to repent for not going to church, told her that we love her, that the Savior does too and we want her to come to church, but ultimately it is her decision. I have never felt such saddness or sorrow in my life.

Our rama is really weak and it’s hard. I feel so helpless sometimes but our district leader has really been an answer to our prayers, he always has ideas. We are trying to do more actividades and show our love for the members more.

Dormita decided she wants to get baptized for “Navidad Blanca”! Delfia and Antoni are too! They are so excited and they truly love the Savior! They go to church without us passing by for them.

Kelvin and Miosoti are very bright but they don’t always feel. We felt like we were just teaching them for their knowledge, but then we taught them about converison this week.  Taught them about how we need to really make that decision to convert and make a change(s) in our life to follow Christ. They really showed a desire to follow Christ and said they would fight for it! We were so excited.
(Kelvin also told us that our phone is “chuipi” or ghetto. haha And yeah, it is…)

Rey said he is going to give up smoking AND coffee. We told him that we will give up rice and beans, because that is crazy for them since that is what Dominicans eat everyday. We are praying for him.

Well sorry I don’t have much time today but I love you and Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy Vegas!!

Love always,

Hermana Johnson


A Pig and A Prayer, Wheelies, and Transfers

Buenas everyone,

I have officially made it through my first transfer in the field. Wow does time fly!

Well we have a baptism coming up. Dorwitat is getting baptized on the 27th. She is the sassy girl, who gets embarrassed super easily, so we are working on that with her.  But she really loves the gospel and has grown immensely since we first taught her.  She even went to church on her own this week, usually we have to go get people to get them to go to church.

Delfia and Antoni, her grandson, are really learning and also have a true desire to learn.  Their baptism is the 6th of Dec.  Delfia really has a true desire to learn and feels something when we are teaching her.

And pretty much all of our other investigators need to get married and we can’t give them a baptism date until they get married, so that’s a huge problem, we would have a ton more baptism dates by now.  It is expensive to get married, especially since these people are very humble for the most part.

ok now for some stories of the week…

For the pig–we were teaching a lesson with this old lady and her friend,  They didn’t have any more chairs to offer us and so Hermana was being bossy and made me sit on the chair and she sat on the ground.  When we were finishing up this pig began to walk over no big deal just walking in the gutter.  The little girl began to pray and right as she started praying this pig stops in the gutter and starts peeing right behind Hermana Huish.  I started cracking up!  Well really just snickering and trying not to during this prayer. This was a long prayer.  As soon as we walked away Hermana Huish said ‘I thought that pig was peeing’ and I told her it was and she said eww!! and then we laughed super hard.

Ok so we went to Aldo and Alba who have been going to church for about 2 years but aren’t baptized bc he needs to get divorced before they can get married to get baptized.  well they have two little boys and they sound like minions–the laugh and everything!!  So great.

Yesterday we were walking to a cita (appointment) and… well let me give you some background:  Everyone has a motorcycle here and kids age 8 and up to 90 drive them.  Everyone thinks its super cool to do wheelies all the time.  Anyway so we were walking and this guy did a wheelie and tipped back so far he fell off the moto.  It was ridiculous and everyone else was laughing while hermana and i were just in shock.  Yup you know you’re in the Dominican Republic when people laugh if someone falls off their moto and everyone laughs but you.

We got our Liahonas (magazine) for Conference at our zone meeting and I also got another package! Thank you! For the ranch packet, and super cute and comfy outfit.  I love the skirt.

Hermana Hamblin is gone now and Hermana Walters is new in our house.  She is from St Lucia, pretty cool.  She speaks English and Creole and now Spanish she is one foot taller than me!

I am realizing I know more Spanish than I think, I am teaching side by side with Hermana Huish most of the time.  We are always working on me talking more and more in the lessons so I can feel more comfortable and practice, but I still get a little frustrated sometimes. However the Lord has blessed me a ton and I have learned really quickly.

We have been getting rain storms so it has been cooling off more at night, which has been kinda nice but then it also is more humid and gets kind of hot during the day, but luckily we always get our evening breeze.

word of the week:  jugetear – to frolic  haha yes!

maybe a jump rope would be nice so i can exercise in the house.. ?

con amor,

Hermana Johnson

Halloween, Mormon Helping Hands, and Two Whole Decades Old…‏

Buenas Family,

This week was crazy and fun!!2014 11 bday

To start, yesterday was my birthday as you all know I’m sure, haha,  and yes I am 20, which if you ask me that’s weird.   But my birthday was awesome!  When I walked out to have devotional there were balloons all over the floor and a sign and a coconut and some cookies!!!  Yes, my hermanas in my house are awesome.   We were eating cake and all of a sudden there was a cake with 20 candles on it oh my goodness what a surprise.  They stayed up till i was a sleep to make my cake.  Yeah it was a good cake. Later in the evening I went through my bday package.  I kept finding more and more goodies.   Needless to say it was an awesome package!  thanks mom.  [we were paying for the flat rate, might as well pack as much as we could]

We did have to fast, but that’s ok, I’ll take some blessings as a birthday present from God.   We went to church which wasn’t as stressful as usual.

Ok back track, Halloween was super fun we had caramel apples at night and candy corn!!

We did Mormon Helping Hands on Saturday and picked up trash along the side of the road for about 1 mile.   Needless to say they need a better trash system here.  Oh and people pee in bottles and through them off to the side of the road.  We learned that you do not open them because it is the MOST DISGUSTING smell, ever… they call it MEOW –well that’s how it’s said here, not how its spelled in Spanish.

oh weird dominican story of the week…

I was eating a cracker on the way to a lesson and then this fat lady saw that i had them and said “give a cracker to me” we laughed, but then she said it again so I did.  I learned that you never eat food in front of fat Dominican people because they will demand you to give them your food and not say thank you.

In case you were wondering people are super blunt here so for me to call her fat is not mean in fact it’s pretty much a compliment. and yes she was really fat.

Some culture stuff that I keep forgetting to tell you…

People sweep the dirt here. Don’t ask me why because I don’t understand haha

Also people water the street–to clean it or something, I’m not really sure but they do it.

Oh, and there are these trucks with huge speakers that drive around the town and announce things to the town.  Sometimes there is one that announces the death of people and plays sad music…

Oh, last week we met the mayor of town!!  He told us random stories and we sat in his office on his couch. (I miss couches.)

REY and Cuna–Rey only has one leg and Cuna has high blood pressure, they have such faith.  But Cuna won’t go to church because she has to take care of her daughter who is pregnant with high BP as well, we had a really awesome lesson with them about prayer and how we can receive answers, but also how if we sacrifice time for church the Lord will bless us.

Con muchisimo Amor,

Hermana Johnson