Conferencia, Cats and Temple in Haiti!


Where do I even begin?! We had a pretty good week… we had an awesome lesson with menos activos and Wilkin is getting better from his chicken pox.

And then there was General Conference… yes and it was awesome! Sadly not everyone came that said they would because it was Semana Santa (Easter or “Holy week”) which equals drinking, going to the beach or the nearby river, chillin’ with the fam, and eating habichuelas con ducle. It’s like bean soup blended with milk, sugar and then raisins, sweet potato, canela and galletas on top. It’s pretty good.

But back to conference, wow! There is a lot of stuff on eternal families, the temple, enduring to the end, following Christ, oh man! Let’s just cover it all. May I just say what fun it is that two people spoke in Spanish again. I know it’s different for y’all but it’s easier to watch because otherwise I can’t look at the speakers because I can see the English and hear the Spanish haha.

I really enjoyed the talk by Elder Wilford Anderson! about learning to feel and move with the music because we already know the pasos[steps]. We need to cantar y practicar. Y siga practicando el evangelio… sorry all my notes are in Spanish… I also really enjoyed Elder Holland– I did however, miss the first few minutes because the power went out again. Haha! Oh the Sur life in the DR. 😉

Well I don’t need to give a summary of everyone’s talks but I really enjoyed all of the steps that they gave. There were many talks with different things to apply and it was nice that they put them all out for un in steps. Now we have the job to apply them all before next conference.

Let me just say I was so happy that they are building a temple in Haiti. I may not have mentioned this but we are about 3 hours from Haiti here, therefore there are a ton of Haitians and we keep finding more who are so open to the gospel, but the language is a barrier sometimes. Luckily we have a pretty willing a fiel member who goes out with us and translates. Oh how I love Haitians!

Oh! This morning I was cleaning up the extra room and I found a cat! …oh wait, not just one… but THREE CATS! One mama and two babies! Yes, we have pets by accident… haha. The mama was really protective of one and not the other. What a terrible mama cat. Don’t worry we got her out and the babies too. Hahaha Oh what an adventure…

Love you all!

Hermana Johnson


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