Listen to promptings!


Let´s be real life has been crazy. It’s still hot but we drink lots of water, I really am loving my new area. There are a lot of changes, the house has people who are more dramatic and girly which if you ask me God is helping me develop patience and charity.

We have this one investigator who is awesome, his name is angel and he is 18 and he has been taught for a while and he goes to church but he really wants to KNOW if the church and book of Mormon. When i first met him we talked about keep the commandments and when we keep them God is more willing to help us. He wasn’t really reading and was praying mas o menos, (some) so we asked him to pray and read and then we will really start putting into practice for sure the other commandments. The next cita (lesson) he said he had read and prayed every day. Wow. Then yesterday in church he made a comment about keeping la ley de cstidad (Chastity?) and the palabra de sabiduria. (word of Wisdom) How we really need to keep them and sacrifice the natural man. He really is starting to change! We are fasting this Sunday with him so that he can really get his answer. Who knows when God will answer but if he keeps putting in to practice these things i think it will be rather soon. So we are praying extra for him this week.

We also have this other girl named Dariana and she is 17 and has a little boy her cousin Angelo 16 and her bro Rony 19. They are awesome and Angelo is super shy and when we gave him his ldm LIbro de Mormon, he almost looked like he wasn’t really going to read it but the next cita (lesson) he had read one chapter oh how excited I was.

Another experience- so simple but such a great lesson to me this week was one day we were getting water in a colmado (market) and hna black was about to pay, i thought to contact the man and thought no, then thought again and decided to speak to him. It was such a simple and easy thought to put off but I decided to give in. Well it turns out he was a menos activo (less active member) named beto and here we don’t have as many menos activos or they’re just harder to find. But i just felt like was a good lesson to ALWAYS listen to promptings! I’m not sure what will happen with him or what, but when we are obedient God guides and leads us.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. I love you mom. igaul a mis abuelas. (also to my Grandmas!) I am so grateful for all that you have taught me and all you have done!!

Have a wonderful week.

Hermana Johnson


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