Pato, Lluvia, Enfermedades, y Milagros‏

2015 08 storm erika small

This week was full of craziness and miracles!!

Well last pday after we wrote we ate with the familia matos they killed one of their ducks and we ate it!! yum. We learned how to cook it and such, I was a little sad we missed the killing but not too much. ahah

We had a few extra hermanas in the house on Monday night for exchanges and it was awesome!

The whole week before my body was achey and then the cold hit monday but wow i know we had power from the temple or something, bc I have never gotten better so quick from a cold before. I felt a TON better every day. I didn’t think i was going to make it on our day of exchanges, haha but I did!

This week we taught francia about baptism and she asked who was going to baptise her and I guess she needs to get to know the people in the ward so she can chose whowill do it. She just loves the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yesterday we talked about the dia de reposo (Sabbath Day) and well she said she kept it evey day practically haha.

Versania is a contact that was truly meant to be. She told us about 5 times yesterday when we met with her. and she just feels that God really sent us to her, before she felt really depressed but its leaving little by little. The lord has really humbled her and prepared her to hear the gospel.

Also we have the familia matos who we ate duck with, we are working a lot with them to get everyone active and married, so they can get sealed in the temple parents children and grandparents.

Last week we met with Raquel she has an esposo that she need s to get marreid to, a couple of weeks ago she told us that he is atheist and also that he wasn’t super interested in getting divorced so they can get married but well this week in our cita she said he had read the whole little kid picture book of the ldm and started to real one. So we shared with him on Saturday with her and he asked us where can i get a copy of this ldm (libro de Mormon or Book of Mormon in English) well we brought him over one that day! He is so excited and told us he feels a spiritual difference in his life from reading the book. He heads back to work in the east side tomorrow but he’ll be back in 15 or so days. Hhe had a funny question when we were ending and well he has a litte longer hair but its curly and stuff and I told him don’t worry my cunado (brother in law) had longer hair before also, and i showed him a pic of greg the other day haha

Basically i have never seen so many miracle in my life than this transfer.

I love the mission! don’t ever send me home. [They sent her some paperwork this week that needed to be filled out for her return travel—so quickly it approaches!]

Have a great week!

Hermana Johnson

[Her title is–Duck, Rain, sickness and miracles, she didn’t quite get to the rain part I think, but she loves it when it rains there since it’s always so warm. The picture is from a few weeks ago when Hurricane Erika was supposed to hit there, they enjoyed plenty of rain.]


Temple y Coco


Well this week was super awesome, weird, fun, full of miracles a guagua rides..

so last monday we brought our neighbor who is a member out with us, she was great, and is named Hna Raisa. we got water melon from and investigator and ate it in the street while we walked to another cita (lesseon) as the juice dripped down our arms. the next cita was way cool and our other investigator told us she wanted to be baptised after having taught her one time!! well yup we invited her to get prepared.

on wednesday we got up super early and went to the temple!! oh how gorgeous it was! and it was raining too, it really couldnt have gotten any better than that!!! We even got to go in the solemn assembly room, the only one outside of the US and the temple presidency has to ask the first presidency if we could use it. SO COOL. Basically it was like christmas!

well some how i felt fine the next day for so litttle sleep and on friday we went to san juan to have intercambios! super fun and we learned a ton.

then we headed back early saturday morning and one of my investigators that was in the other area in azua was supposed to have her interview and she disappeared-her dad moved her to san juan with her little girls for 2 months we dont know why but i was super sad Kari left…

on saturday we taught some new people and well he gave us fresh coco juice and then we ate the coco YUMM bassically i love coco water.

I really dont know how i made it through the week but i did and it was a miracle along with a the rest.

Francia has a fecha and just doesnt understand why people baptise not in the way Jesus was baptized. she is so excited!!

i love you!!

Hna Johnson