Life lessons


This week Hna graham and i were humbled… haha . Well…remember the snowball fight i told you about last week..? It went wrong. 😦

We started chipping the ice out with a knife not thinking anything of it. Afterward we saw a little sign that said not to use knives… well the deed was already done and we broke our freezer . We didn’t notice till the next day though. We got a hold of a member who fixed it for us!! Yay for awesome members!

haha we lived without a fridge and while it’s not necessary it is rather handy.. Needless to say it was an expensive week bc of the loss of food and fridge repair..

Sometimes you think you are good and have it all together and then you realize you’re still a young kid who really has a lot of more life experience and mistakes to make haha. Lesson learned.

We have three parejas that we are working with and other people but mainly them and well

first there are the lawyers jorge and agustina… their son was killed a year ago tomorrow. and they dont have big problems with the commandments but they have struggles

then there is jorge and emperatriz…jorge got baptized with his family when he was younger and has been inactive until this last month his novia that he lives with has been going to church for three years and well we are just waiting for him to say yes to marriage so she can get baptized… getting closer paso a paso

and soranghl y nathanael…she was baptized at 8 and they have 3 year old little boy, but they still need to get married and well we are working so he can get baptized!!

Marriage… so difficult.

The ward is awesome and with hard work, obedience and faith we are going to have some awesome miracles!!! yaya!!

We are finding others and trying to make sure i know as many members as I can before Hna Graham leaves! ahhh!!

We will see what life brings us!!

love you!

Hermana Johnson


Emenadas de yucca


well today we learned how to make empanadas de yucca, yum!!!! So fried and delicious. A recent convert taught us and it was way fun!

Also we had a snow ball fight as we cleaned ice out of our fridge haha, yes it was awesome !!!

The other hermanas are leaving this week… i will miss them but hna graham and i will have good times too.

To be honest this was a rough week, we walked a lot and found some people but we are going to have a great week this week with a ton of help from members. Last night we had capacitation with the members and the bishopric planned it. They all have plans how to help to find and reactivate with us. yay!!

We will have noche de hogar tonight !!

I’m still meditizando (ponderize) and yes i love it! keep up the good work.

con mucho amor

Herman johnson