Culture Shock….


Let me just tell you –I didn’t realize how different my life was until i got transferred… culture shock is weird, hard and well just weird. Holy guacamole! (speaking of which that is what we ate with lunch today- YUM!)

I´m in a barrio (neighborhood), we have a obispado, i have a completely different role in the barrio than I’ve had my whole mission. There are cars everywhere, people have nice houses. Elder Acosta de la setenta lives in our ward, as well as a conejero de the mission. We don’t do anything on Sundays at church but say hello to everyone. We eat at people’s houses. Every Sunday we eat at bishop’s house. People reject us through there intercoms, other people just speak english to us. Alley ways or callajones here are crazy and super easy to get lost. My stomach hurt from eating real food. Things are more expensive -fancy grocery stores. We are neighbors to the ward of presidente. We have basically a 5k long area and we can see the ocean from our roof… we have running water and have 24 hrs light. Basically –I live in the capital!
So we were supposed to be just us, but right now we have a couple extra hermanas in our house while their house gets fixed because their other house some person was trying to break in. Their new house will be ready soon. I miss having latinas in the house and these two are fun.
It was good week, I’m trying to get to know the area the best i can, i will only have one transfer with Hna Graham and hna Nuckols said she would be here to train me in the area, yeah, so I’m a little nervous but I’ll be fine. 🙂

I love you!! work hard!

Also, remember to ponderize (If you don’t know this word, see last week’s post)

Hermana Johnson


Crazy week…

2015 10 Hermanas Azua small


Another crazy week of traveling, intercambios (exchanges) and general conference!!!

Well to start the week we did intercambios in the house, I was able to leave with Hna Flake in the morning and Hna Mayfield in the afternoon.  They are awesome and it was fun to see Hna flake teach, she is learning so much and I just love them dearly!

On Wednesday I headed to the capital with Hna Smith, Hna Beukers and hna Garrido.  Hna Smith is going home and the others are new Hna leaders.  Consejo (Leadership counsel) was awesome and humbling, I just love it so much, being humbled is like working out it hurts so good. haha  I have lots to work on and new things to do to be a better hermana leader and missionary.  I’m so excited to work in my new area.

…and my new area is in the capital called Independencia and I will be with my hija (daughter) of the mission again!! woohoo surprise!! hehe  Now she gets to train me on the capital life.  I’m excited to be in a barrio (neighborhood) what? those exist? haha  It will be so different.  Needless to say I’m ready for the adventure!

Let’s just day I LOVED general conference, I just felt so edified and ready to change! I’m excited to have new apostles and leaders

Here are a few things I liked, I’ll do my best to translate them to what they would be in English…

The talk from elder Lawrence–what more do I lack?, what is keeping me from progressing?

Also elder Cook’s, about self control, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.  It’s like a muscle

Elder Durrant’s about meditizar-memorize and meditate, I’m not sure what the mixture is in english but I thought it was a good idea and I’m going to do it.  [“ponderize”= 80% ponder, 20% memorize a verse of scripture]

Well there were a ton of other good ones, if not all, but these are a few that i liked.

Also a fun moment of the week..

Last week we contacted this man named guarionet and he is just great.  Currently we are looking for priesthood so Azua can become a stake.  and we put a cita [appointment] with him for later in the week.  He went to church last week and really enjoyed it. On intercambios the hermanas tried to find him but he wasn’t home but we ended up finding him on saturday night.  We were going to share about living prophets like the times of old but for some reason we just decided to share about baptism– well the Lord led and guided us and we just put a fecha [date] with him.  We dont know all of his trials or difficulties but he accepted and he is taking one more step unto Christ, sadly he didn’t make it to conference bc he had to go the capital urgently but we are excited bc he has a lot of potential and we can see him as a great leader

Little miracles don’t just happen once in while-but all the time!


Hermana Johnson

Forgive and Forget

Hello family!

2014 10 bola hitching

This week was super busy! To start off we had a training for all the new missionaries and their trainers. We had been preparing for this all week, We left a little early for Barahona. The zone leaders let us know it was the same as last time for the sisters in the house. So we got up and the guagua was a little late so we were a few mins. late. The building was locked when we arrived so we called our zone leaders. They said everyone should be there. They then asked if we were in Azua… no we weren’t! Because they said it was the same as last time and we assumed… so we walked back to catch another guagua to Azua, which took over 2 hours… yup, we were a little frustrated by our zone leaders, haha. But it was an adventure and we sure did laugh. So we made it for about one hour of the training and then ate lunch and headed back. Oh man what would we do without them, but what do we do with them? haha In other words–forgive and forget, but remember enough to always confirm! haha

D and A have a baptism date.  D has a true desire to follow Christ and so does A.  D is the grandma, 56 or so, and A is her grandson who is 10. We are excited to see them continue converting unto Christ.

M, who is in the branch presidency, came with us to R and C’s. He is awesome and knows his scriptures.

On Sunday we left the house to go get a recent convert since she has hardly come to church. So we sat outside and finished preparing our talks for sacrament meeting, since apparently we all speak one a month. Needless to say we, have motivation to strengthen the branch, other than out of pure love, and it’s our own need.

Look up this Dominican singer. His songs play everywhere and are always stuck in our heads… Romeo, ok?

Oh and weird name of the week is Pupa, said Poopa. haha i was giggling while I wrote it down, haha. I am losing my laughing filter.

Also this lady who was a little plump in the belly was walking down the street the other day.  She was wearing this completely blue suit that was super snug on her and we thought she looked like a blue berry… haha we were laughing.

Oh, in case you were wondering, my self-confidence will fall when I get home because the people think i am just beautiful. They tell me almost every day, haha. Also if you’re fat people call you fat. They don’t sugar coat things like we do in America.

I love you and miss you bunches!  I think it’s a little harder since it’s my bday this week.  Yes, I love the people–they are kind, but sometimes annoying [she has always had a hard time with people not doing things if they say they will].  I understand a lot and can communicate in lessons pretty well, to the point where I teach about one third of the time.

Keep being awesome and try to do just a little better each day.

con amor,

Hermana Johnson

Zone Conference, Frogs and Fat Rolls


Well this week has been filled with so much!!!

We had zone conference in Azua with a ton of the campo this week. We hopped in the back of a member’s truck and met the rest of our zone in the guagua at the cruze. it is supposed to take just over an hour to get there but it only took us 40 mins! we received conference bread which is really good bread from the capital. Elder and sister Cornish were our guests- they are awesome!!
the theme of the conference was conversion: how we not only need to convert ourselves but also our members and menos activos too. There were two music numbers- one by our house “yo se que vive mi senor”. They fed us then we heard some more and then headed off. I received my big package and also my note and my small baby package!! Thank you!!!

When we got off at the cruze again we hitch-hiked back and I tried climbing in and then this lady decided to help me finish and literally lifted me in the back of the truck hahahah we were laughing so hard we all almost peed our pants.

I saw like three pigs in the streets this week and they just wander, so funny because they are huge pigs too! haha

One night we came home and Hermana H turned on the light in the kitchen and there was a Huge frog!! So we had and adventure trying to get that out of our house. He ended up hopping back out the window!

M, an amiga of a recent convert has a baptism date for December, on the day of navidad blanca.
Navidad Blanca is going to be a date where we are going to try and baptize 20 people from our companionships in our district. It’s going to be hard bc a ton of people need to be married first, but we are praying and the rama is starting to help out. We are going to have bake sales to raise money for the marriages since the people don’t really have a ton of money. If y’all want to pray for us that would be appreciated. We are going to make miracles happen with some help from on high!!

D is starting to learn and she is one of the truly honest! She doesn’t learn super fast but she is dedicated. During our lesson her nieto who lives with her started playing with his fat rolls and Hermana H and I started giggling and it was so hard to hold ourselves together. Ay mi madre!

Today we went to the BEACH!!!! yes the BEACH!!!!!! it was gorgeous! Pretty much our whole zone was there minus a few that are far away. We took pictures and it was super nice! Mom and dad we are going one day!!

This week I have new challenge for you… share the gospel by living it! Try to say something nice or just don’t say something at all…

I love you all!!

Hna Johnson

2 Whole Meses (months) Today!

Saludos family!

It’s official– 2 whole months in the mission!! Ahhhh it’s gone so fast and so slow–in other words I have never learned so much in such a short time! but i love it!

We taught M  who is a friend of a recent convert. She is religious but doesn’t have a church right now, she told us that she isn’t sure what church is true but she thinks that the mormons are the right one. However we haven’t seen a whole lot of progress or desire from her.

Now I’m not sure if i have told you about R and C but here we go… R has one leg. the other one was chopped of because it wasn’t healing after his moto crash so he has 5 years without it. he can’t support his family very well and has a ton of faith in the lord. His wife C is so shy but sweet, and they are so open to our message, the understand everything we teach thanks to the spirit. They have been together for 25 years that’s a long time in these days. But we don’t think they are legally married just like everyone else but we have high hope for them!

We found a menos activo familia who have two daughters that aren’t baptized. so we are going to see where there at and hopefully teach them. Every time we go over they give us food!!! we got a sugar cane taller than me and ollama which is a mix between a pumpkin and butter nut squash. Then they gave us juice and cookies (which sadly we couldn’t eat bc we aren’t allowed to but we took one to be polite) and then they gave us a ton of plantanos! We made mongu which is basically mashed potatoes, with garlic. We eat garlic with everything… i don’t mind it but i think i have a weird smell now… . We also made fritos which are awesome and like french fries… yes i love them of course!

well D received a bautizmo date this week, at first she was a little unsure but she was able to see the importance by the next lesson.

Oh this week we made mexican food!!! yum! and also french toast!! Surprisingly we don’t make that much rice.

We had a zone meeting and after we went to a restaurant and I ate a hamburger!!! It was ok but the fries were good.

Well, i am learning that the more i give myself to the lord the more he helps me help people. So in your lives this week see how the lord can use in he hands and i promise you will see blessings.

con mucho amor,

Hermana Johnson

General Conference

Well this week was my first full week.  I am starting to get the hang of things around here and still learning Spanish.  I am coming to understand more and more, but speaking is hard still, but this week I have a new goal to speak more in our lessons and Hermana H and I decided that I will start out our lessons now… ahhhh.  I need a little push and I will learn a ton, so I’m nervous and excited!!

I met our district leader this week and his companion he is from  just outside of LA, Roland Heights or something.  And I went to our first district meeting we talk about our investigators and have a little devotional.
My first week here we contacted this man and his mom. We asked if we could share more, he said yes, so we went back another day and he wasn’t there.  So we tried again this week and they were there, we just did an introduction lesson, then visited again on Saturday we taught the Restoration, it went so well!! He was super interested, his wife is to but she just doesn’t have as many questions.  He was given the Libro de Mormon while he lived in Spain.  He hasn’t read much but he really believes in  God.  he doesn’t have  a religion but he studies his Bible.
We made guiaba juice this week– soooooo good!
We watched Conference and it was awesome to hear the people in their actual tongues, (well Spanish) haha needless to say conference was very condensed for me but i caught the themes and understood quite a bit.  But I cant wait to get the Liahona and read them all in English haha.  On Saturday it was all about love and how we need to not judge but love everyone, no matter their circumstances, and then Sunday was all about sustaining and listening to the Prophet because he receives revelation for us.  oh Elder Hugo Martinez who spoke is the 2nd councillor in the Carribe and he spoke to us at the CCM, he is really a cool guy!
I am learning that I need to have more faith in my investigators even though they don’t always keep their compromisos they are God’s children and I am to prepare myself to be an instrument in God’s hands to bring them unto Christ.
Love you all!  I hope you will strive to bring yourself closer to Christ and others with you on the way there!
se cuida (take care)
I love yall tons! adventure is out there!