Here we go…

Familia y Amistades,

Here we go another chapter in life is about to start. My wonderful year and a half in the mission has been the biggest blessing ever. As my wise trainer in the mission once said, ´´I have never felt so sad nor have I ever felt so happy.´´ It’s true! I have been honored to wear the name of my Savior Jesus Christ and be his representative for this blessed time here in the DR.

I have learned so much –from learning how to hand wash clothes, make do with little or no water and bucket shower, all the way to learning how to help bear one another’s burden and listen to the Holy Spirit as he has guided me.

I will never forget the hot sun of Azua or the dry deserts of Vicente Noble. The moment when people tell you ´you already passed here´ to the old man who is athiest and wants nothing to do with you. From the joy of seeing someone baptized to the true conversion of a menos activo. I love being a missionary and I will forever be one. Just without a visible plaque.

I know that Christ lives that He is my Savior and through Him I can overcome all my challenges. The Church of Christ and the Authority of God have been restored on the earth today. God loves us and has a plan for everyone. We don´t always understand, but He knows and if we trust in Him, He will show us the way. I love this gospel!

Have a great week. See you soon.

con amor,

Hermana Johnson


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