December Already?!


my caps are not working much today…

well this week was rough but over all God loves and guides us. He has his plan and well sometimes we just need to keep marching even though its difficult.

today the Christmas season begins officially as we enter deciembre! Its always fun to see the lights and decor. In our room we put up some lights hehe!

we did a companionship study with a member this week and she is the young women pres of the stake. what an amazing mom, leader and disciple of Christ she is. she is a doctor too. she is so willing to give of her time to help us bring these sweet young women to Christ!

2015 11 Thxgiving pie  Thanksgiving apple pie!

well thanks mom for the thanksgiving food of stuffing and such it was so good, and the spices. i made some pumpkin cookies for our district meeting yum!!

we went to the tertulia or night of excelence of our young women! they are so awesome and cute! all with there own trials and problems but trying to do their best and walk in God’s path.

we have found some interesting people and we are excited to see where they go.

yesterday one of our recent converts came out with us. even in the maguada or monsoonish rain. we soaked our feet and not our books luckily. she is such a trooper and such an example. Marielys is awesome!

sorry i have a scattered brain today. dont know why

Have a great week!


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