Familia and Amistades,

I’ve been praying a TON I think God might be tired of my prayers, but to be honest i have been feeling that i was  maybe just been too prideful but i have really been trying to do things more sincerely pay more attention to the spirit and the promptings.  He really is our third companion if we are prepared.

the Lord has really answered my prayers this week and well i feel so blessed i think satan has been working on me extra hard to make me feel less in my self worth but i have been trying to fight it and well although God hasn’t sent some one to say something directly i know that he loves me and answers my prayers because we have had a week of not a ton of lessons and a lot of contacting but full or miracles or tender mercies…

one day all of our lessons fell through and we went to an investigator and for some reason i kept turning the wrong way.  we went to her and she wasn’t home so we went the way that i kept turning well it appears that the spirit was guiding us and we went to contact this lady and we told her we were missonaries and she just opened the door and let us in we sat and had a lesson way guided bc the way it was taught was not logical at all… and well she asked about the book of Mormon and had so much interest.  we invited her to be baptized and she said yes. well she just loved our message and in the end she told all of her nietos (grandkids) to come and pray. we all knelt and prayed wow what a cool lesson. beatriz is awesome we are so excited to visit her again.

a few days later we went contacting bc again our citas fell but of course God has purpose with all we conteacted thes apt with intercoms and well my experience with intercom hasn’t been super awesome usually people say nah or just say they don’t have time –well we touched the first one and she asked of what our message was and well i briefly stated the restauracion and she asked it we had a librito we said yes and well she sent her son to come and get it we put an appointment visit her and well we left all excited then realized we didnt contact the rest so we went back and the next one didnt answer but the next we said we were misisonaries and she let us in! well we taught and she felt it. you could see it.

well that was a ton sure enougth we get to sunday and well we went to stake conference. what a spirit filled room.  we sure have inspired leaders here in independencia! SO many great topics and perfect for our people.

Well hna Gines is awesome she is from Utah and has 5 months in the mission. she is barely taller than me and loves talk. she likes to work out which is nice and we are so excited to work miracles. before her she was in azua just in the other hna house so i already knew her. She is awesome!

Well Happy thanksgiving and enjoy it! it appears we will be having the thanksgiving mom sent in my birthday package! yum!! and I’m making pumpkin cookies for our district for wednesday. thats about as good as it gets here haha

2015 1101 bday cake face

I´m so grateful for… this gospel, the happiness it brings, Jesus Christ his love and power he gives us, for my family, my companion, my mission president, tender mercies and well just the adventure!

As we are asked everynight… what was your miracle of the day!?
remember to look for the tender mercies and miracles– you´d be surprised at what you´ll find!

Love you tons!!!

Hermana Johnson


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