Culture Shock….


Let me just tell you –I didn’t realize how different my life was until i got transferred… culture shock is weird, hard and well just weird. Holy guacamole! (speaking of which that is what we ate with lunch today- YUM!)

I´m in a barrio (neighborhood), we have a obispado, i have a completely different role in the barrio than I’ve had my whole mission. There are cars everywhere, people have nice houses. Elder Acosta de la setenta lives in our ward, as well as a conejero de the mission. We don’t do anything on Sundays at church but say hello to everyone. We eat at people’s houses. Every Sunday we eat at bishop’s house. People reject us through there intercoms, other people just speak english to us. Alley ways or callajones here are crazy and super easy to get lost. My stomach hurt from eating real food. Things are more expensive -fancy grocery stores. We are neighbors to the ward of presidente. We have basically a 5k long area and we can see the ocean from our roof… we have running water and have 24 hrs light. Basically –I live in the capital!
So we were supposed to be just us, but right now we have a couple extra hermanas in our house while their house gets fixed because their other house some person was trying to break in. Their new house will be ready soon. I miss having latinas in the house and these two are fun.
It was good week, I’m trying to get to know the area the best i can, i will only have one transfer with Hna Graham and hna Nuckols said she would be here to train me in the area, yeah, so I’m a little nervous but I’ll be fine. 🙂

I love you!! work hard!

Also, remember to ponderize (If you don’t know this word, see last week’s post)

Hermana Johnson


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