Crazy week…

2015 10 Hermanas Azua small


Another crazy week of traveling, intercambios (exchanges) and general conference!!!

Well to start the week we did intercambios in the house, I was able to leave with Hna Flake in the morning and Hna Mayfield in the afternoon.  They are awesome and it was fun to see Hna flake teach, she is learning so much and I just love them dearly!

On Wednesday I headed to the capital with Hna Smith, Hna Beukers and hna Garrido.  Hna Smith is going home and the others are new Hna leaders.  Consejo (Leadership counsel) was awesome and humbling, I just love it so much, being humbled is like working out it hurts so good. haha  I have lots to work on and new things to do to be a better hermana leader and missionary.  I’m so excited to work in my new area.

…and my new area is in the capital called Independencia and I will be with my hija (daughter) of the mission again!! woohoo surprise!! hehe  Now she gets to train me on the capital life.  I’m excited to be in a barrio (neighborhood) what? those exist? haha  It will be so different.  Needless to say I’m ready for the adventure!

Let’s just day I LOVED general conference, I just felt so edified and ready to change! I’m excited to have new apostles and leaders

Here are a few things I liked, I’ll do my best to translate them to what they would be in English…

The talk from elder Lawrence–what more do I lack?, what is keeping me from progressing?

Also elder Cook’s, about self control, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.  It’s like a muscle

Elder Durrant’s about meditizar-memorize and meditate, I’m not sure what the mixture is in english but I thought it was a good idea and I’m going to do it.  [“ponderize”= 80% ponder, 20% memorize a verse of scripture]

Well there were a ton of other good ones, if not all, but these are a few that i liked.

Also a fun moment of the week..

Last week we contacted this man named guarionet and he is just great.  Currently we are looking for priesthood so Azua can become a stake.  and we put a cita [appointment] with him for later in the week.  He went to church last week and really enjoyed it. On intercambios the hermanas tried to find him but he wasn’t home but we ended up finding him on saturday night.  We were going to share about living prophets like the times of old but for some reason we just decided to share about baptism– well the Lord led and guided us and we just put a fecha [date] with him.  We dont know all of his trials or difficulties but he accepted and he is taking one more step unto Christ, sadly he didn’t make it to conference bc he had to go the capital urgently but we are excited bc he has a lot of potential and we can see him as a great leader

Little miracles don’t just happen once in while-but all the time!


Hermana Johnson


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