Temple y Coco


Well this week was super awesome, weird, fun, full of miracles a guagua rides..

so last monday we brought our neighbor who is a member out with us, she was great, and is named Hna Raisa. we got water melon from and investigator and ate it in the street while we walked to another cita (lesseon) as the juice dripped down our arms. the next cita was way cool and our other investigator told us she wanted to be baptised after having taught her one time!! well yup we invited her to get prepared.

on wednesday we got up super early and went to the temple!! oh how gorgeous it was! and it was raining too, it really couldnt have gotten any better than that!!! We even got to go in the solemn assembly room, the only one outside of the US and the temple presidency has to ask the first presidency if we could use it. SO COOL. Basically it was like christmas!

well some how i felt fine the next day for so litttle sleep and on friday we went to san juan to have intercambios! super fun and we learned a ton.

then we headed back early saturday morning and one of my investigators that was in the other area in azua was supposed to have her interview and she disappeared-her dad moved her to san juan with her little girls for 2 months we dont know why but i was super sad Kari left…

on saturday we taught some new people and well he gave us fresh coco juice and then we ate the coco YUMM bassically i love coco water.

I really dont know how i made it through the week but i did and it was a miracle along with a the rest.

Francia has a fecha and just doesnt understand why people baptise not in the way Jesus was baptized. she is so excited!!

i love you!!

Hna Johnson


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