Yet again… we have news of another great week of the mission!‏


This week was good.  I feel like it was productive and i learned a lot.

Well yes, zone conference we had elder hugo martinez and his wife come to be our guest speakers.  Let me just tell you they are awesome.  Hermana Martinez has so much energy and is just darling and short.  She wow is full of great words she talked about places well we need a vision a goal and a plan really. she shared a ton of stories which were great analogies.  Like when we do things and sometimes we do the same thing over and over again and don’t look to what we can change so we get a different result.  She made waffles with insect repellant and didn’t know why the ‘oil’ wasn’t working, hah! bc it wasnt oil and she made almost her whole batch and trhew them away. haha

we talked about sharing the meat of our message-so cover the restoration in our first lesson briefly bc then we testify of what’s different and don’t waste as much time bc people will either feel of the truth or reject it. So yeah we might be rejected more often but you know its Gods time and we’ll sift through everyone faster and find the people prepared.  It was great to recharge and learn new things and receive inspiration.

ok well a few updates…

angel… we fasted and decided to drop him for a time bc he really needs to decide to do it or not. and really we are not sure how yet but we´re thinking and praying of how. bc we still want him to go to church.

gelman. we taught him la ley de castidad and well he has this lady who is in love with him but they haven’t even kissed and yeah it was a hilarious lesson and he said he´d keep it.

quince… yeah well she is a little sister of another investigator that we have and we contacted her Saturday night and invited her to church and well she went for all 3 hours and loved it!! so we set a cita with the whole family next week to share with them bc we think they might just be awesome.

Have a great week!!

con amor,

Hermana Johnson


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