TEMPLE, libro de mormon, and necesidades


Well let me just start with our little adventure to the temple…
yes we woke up a 3 in the morning again and then elder hernandez said that he thought it was on Friday so we had no way to get to the cruze to meet with the rest of our zone… well God is awesome and wanted us to go to the temple and sent a guagua to us to take to the cruze so we could go!!! YAY! Let me just say–I love the temple. We didn’t get home till after five pm and it counted for our p-day, so we took a 20 min nap and headed out to teach. It was a crazy awesome day and i was so tired… bc I couldn’t sleep on the extremely uncomfortable guagua.

We went to the temple with the question of whether or not to change Wilkins’ date bc we just felt he wasn’t quite ready, so all in all we decided to change it to give him more learning time and time to apply it. So April 11th it is now. He seemed a little overwhelmed too, so changing it will help him really grow in his testimony.

My LDM tema (theme) is humility and caridad (charity) and I am trying to develop these characteristics and oh my goodness God is great, and is humbling and making me realize I do not have very much charity–which is awesome I am learning and growing!

Well this week we had some good lessons with people, our theme this month is finding necesidades (needs) and we have figured out why Ruben wouldn’t go to church– bc he wants his family to go with him… well the same thing for another menos activo family too.

We also met this kid last week who was over where we were teaching Delfia and we met with him this week and he already has a date. He is super bright and has so many questions, he is quite the challenge, his name is Francis and he has 19 years. Well I just want to answer all his questions but I have to be patient a little and so does he bc everything needs to be explained in a process.

Well needless to say I was grateful for p-day after a tiresome week but I am so ready to get out and work tomorrow!

Love you all and hope the week goes well.

Hermana Johnson

2015 03 temple sm


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