Carnaval, Cachua y Diligencia‏

Buenas a todos!

Well to be honest I started typing in Spanish and… yeah I had to erase that, haha!

Thanks to your inspiration last week I decided to take another look at the Christ-like attributes.  I had been working on one but forgot all about it so it was time to start new.  I decided on diligence.  Well, you hear the word and don’t think much of it, but man, do I lack diligence right now.   Diligence, I have realized this week, really is something that doesn’t mean that we aren’t doing things, it just means we aren’t doing the little things: just being  a little more punctual or just trying a little harder. And right now, I am being humbled by God bc I have decided that.

To start, we went to a capacitation (training) for the trainers and trainees.  It was really good (seeing how i only went to part of mine) and also just to help me learn.   Needless to say it really put my mind into perspective and God definitely is humbling me and letting me grow!  Sweet! I’ll take it, but it does not make my life easier!  Just  new challenges and new excitement.

Speaking of capacitation, it was in Azua.  After eating with everyone we headed out that morning, we seriously waited for our gua gua (van/taxi) for 2 HOURS –ay mi madre! Then when it came it was full to the brim–literally they could not fit another person on it people were hanging out the door.    Don’t worry, we didn’t think you parents would appreciate if we did that so we waited for the next gua gua to Barahona and got off the cruze and caught a bola! Man, was that a weird day!

Ok my favorite menos activo now.. Fernanda! She is seriously so cute and darling.  She is 16 and lives with her grandparents and she loves to visit with us.  Also we are starting to teach her friend who seems to have interest.   I will just have to send a pic to show you how darling she is!  I will miss her when I leave.

Independence Day was the 27th, this last Friday, and they call it carnaval.  All the little kids dress up in costumes and go to the park to play and the parents go to drink.  The boys dress up like a chachua or monster like things.  I sent a pic of them, they’re hard to describe. hehe

2015 02 carnaval small

We have 4 weeks until wilken gets baptized and he is super excited! but oh we have a ton to teach him still!!

Les amo!

Hermana Johnson


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