Busy Week


Buenas Familia,

2015 02 hna G small                   2015 02 cleaning capilla small


Giving service-cleaning the building…

This week was crazy fast! We had a day of work then Zone Conference.

The Zone Conference was just awesome. As y’all know, our theme for this month is compromisos and convenios (committments).  We talked about repentence and baptism, how sometimes as missionaries we get so excited about baptism that we cover repentence way too fast.  President Nuckols role-played an example for us and for some reason I really liked what he said. He asked the investigator to pray to recognize and remember all of his sins so he could repent.  That really hit me! There are probably some things that I may not have recognized as sins but they were sins.  So I give that as a challenge to all y’all: ask the Lord in your prayers tonight to help you recognize and remember your sins so that you can truly repent and become clean.  It really was a great conference.

We taught this menos activo Ru, who used to hide from us, now she is really softening and has a desire to return.  The sad part is she didn’t actually go to church on Sunday… but that is what repentence is for!

Needless to say, not everyone has decided to keep their commitments to God which is rather sad for them and for us.  Perhaps we need to change the way we give them commitments.

We taught seminary this week because the teacher wasn’t there again.  Had I read the chapter before? No, but I sure felt like the Lord helped us and we taught what needed to be taught.

Yesterday in Tamayo, Elder Herrera shared a talk about Isaac and Jacob, how the angel was punctual in telling Isaac not to kill his son as an offering. I thought of it as we need to listen to the Spirit and act and obey immediately, but the way he covered it was but on time when we say something is at 3, like church in Tamayo it’s at 3 partially because it’s a bunch of Dominicans, but we can never be too early to something.  Especially the Sacrament Meeting, if we’re early we can sit just a little longer and prepare just a little more for the sacred covenant we are about to renew.

I know that the Lord has little tender mercies planned everyday for us, especially as we listen, obey and act.

Les amo, (love)

Hermana Johnson


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