6 WHOLE months!! What the…

Dearest family,

The Internet has been challenging the last few weeks because all internet places stink or are never open, so today was split into 2 half hour segments, but as we all know that ended up being less than an hour. Haha. #missionlife

This week I officially hit 6 months gone! Can you believe it?! Because I can’t. Haha. I have learned so much but it also made me think that I have so much I can improve upon. So I am re-thinking my goals and starting new.

We have had a little bit of a rough time getting lessons this week.  I’m not really sure why bc we had pretty solid days planned but who knows.

Hna. Graham is just awesome! She has an awesome sense of humor and a great laugh. I seriously love working with her!

Valentine’s Day… um… yeah… We didn’t celebrate that but people here definitely did and like no one came to church because they were too busy partying or something the night before. Who knows.

We had to change Wilken’s baptism date because we realized he needs to attend church for two more Sundays than we planned but he is still just as excited! He has a hard time learning so we bought a whiteboard to draw things because he can remember videos really well. Hopefully that will work. If y’all have any ideas please, let us know.

Ruben didn’t go to church. The stinker… to be honest I think it was the holiday but who knows.

We have been learning and trying to become better at teaching and helping people to act.  On Saturday morning we had passed for everyone and went to plan B.  On the way we found a lady named Bella, we’ll see if anything turns from here but the lesson was super guided.  We talked about how Christ did three things in His life: established His church, taught His gospel and performed the Atonement.  What we learned this week is that every time we contact someone we should allude to the Restoration because that is our special message but also Christ bc because no, we do not worship José Smith.

Anyway, it was a weird week. But this week we have a conference so we are pumped and have crazy packed days planned!

Love y’all,

Hna. Johnson


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