Well… There is some BIG NEWS!‏


God trusts me apparently, and so does Presidente…

but I’m excited! I’m ready to serve the Lord in what ever way He needs me to serve. I know enough Spanish to get around, but I’m still learning. I am ready to work hard, learn, train in His way–that God would have me train.

Her name is Hna Graham. I don’t know anything about her yet but I’ll meet her tomorrow morning.

Reading your letters made me (and Hna Huish) cry. We haven’t exactly realized what is happening except for yesterday and today, so we have had a bit of a hard time but life is good because it just keeps going and we learn and grow.

Can I just say I’m so grateful that things are eternal!

Well I’ll email more next week as I find out more about my hija (daughter=new trainee) and adjust to life all over again.

I Love change because I love growth but it’s still hard sometimes but it’s always worth it. I know I CAN do not just hard things but REALLY HARD things.

Thanks for your prayers always!

I love and miss you!

Hna Johnson


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