RUBEN CAME TO CHURCH!!!! and sadly my last week with Huish…‏


Well more miracles this week… at the beginning of the year I asked Hermana Huish what she wanted to do or what goals she had for her last bit of the mission and one of them was to fast every Sunday.  We have done this and I will let you know that we have seen results–the old president of the branch, back in the nineties, Ruben who I mentioned a few weeks ago, came to church for the first time in who knows how long.  I can say I don’t think I have ever felt so excited or happy!!!!   I am determined to help them become active. The branch is changing and more and more people are at church every week.   We are taking more and more members with us and they´re hearts are really changing!  I really hope I can help Ruben and his family go to the temple –there wasn’t a temple here when he was active.  Granted he has a little way to go and his wife hasn’t come to church yet, but coming to church is the first step!

We had interviews this week which were awesome and it was good to talk to president.  There are always things to improve but it was good.

In our district meeting Elder Hernandez, our district leader, gave us rock pets don’t ask me why because I don’t know.. I swear he is awesome!  Sometimes he just make rock pets I guess, haha.  I got a turtle and hna huish, a bunny and hna olsen a dog and hna walter a ostrich.

Well back to our fast –on Saturday we started, and it was the longest day ever and we saw this pig laying in the gutter, haha it was hilarious and I’m pretty sure it was just sleeping there.  The day was so long and we did have a lot that we got done but Satan was just tempting us. That would be the hardest but most worth it fast ever because Ruben came to church and so did a good amount of other menos activos (less active).

This is my last week with Hermana Huish.  I am sad but we are working hard still, which is awesome that she isn’t dead.  She really is a huge example for me and I couldn’t have had a better companion to cry laugh and have hard times with or have so much joy.  I can’t wait for you all to meet her one day bc she is awesome! I hope to finish just as strong as she is finishing when I get to that point but for now I have so much life in the mission ahead of me and I love it more and more every day!

love yall,

Hna Johnson


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