Hi family

well i don’t know where to start!! this week was quite the adventure. haha and a bit long but im already to the 5th week in my 2 transfer ahhh oh and yes its the first of diciembre!!

well dormita and delfia and antoni are all really progressing very well and delfia has bought white clothes for antoni for the navidad blanca!! oh and miguel, one of delfia’s friends is there at almost every lesson, he is a little freco but he really feels and understands what we teach. he is awesome! i challenge him to pray to know it the church is true and he did it but i wasn’t there to hear that bc we had intercambios this week.

Well ray and cuna are doing awesome with trying to give up their addiction to coffee and cigarrios. they are down to only two cigarettes a day and a couple of cups of coffee. and we still haven’t eaten rice and beans yet!! oh and guess WHAT they have baptism date!YAY feb 7th bc they still have to get married…

Intercambios…were really fun!! I was with the hermana leader’s companion and she was in my room in the ccm she is from Santiago.  I learned a lot form her too.  She teaches differently and so i have new ideas of how to teach!  I spoke Spanish all day which was fun with a native, super fun it showed me how much i know!

Oh sorry last week was a bit much on pday it was stressfull but HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! i was grateful to still have the thankfulness but away from all the worldly stuff. we made turkey pot pie and and apple pie with out recipes. and it was really good!! oh and for out district meeting the day before we had stuffing and mashed potatoes and a chocolate pudding pie. hermana huish and i made bacon stuffing bc all the other meat is scketchy except for canned turkey and chicken which is what we eat.

well we have tons of awesome people to teach and we keep finding like 5 menos activos every week so we are dropping people who aren’t progressing, and working with all the menos activos now!

i love you all!!
Hermana Johnson

P.S. word of the week
chuipi – ghetto


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