No More Rice and Beans


2014 10 bola hitching

I’m not going to lie, this week has been hard and I have really been able to feel true sorrow through the power of the atonement. But it has made me even more grateful for the atonement in my life.
We had a recent convert basically say she didn’t know if she wanted to follow Christ, we asked her to repent for not going to church, told her that we love her, that the Savior does too and we want her to come to church, but ultimately it is her decision. I have never felt such saddness or sorrow in my life.

Our rama is really weak and it’s hard. I feel so helpless sometimes but our district leader has really been an answer to our prayers, he always has ideas. We are trying to do more actividades and show our love for the members more.

Dormita decided she wants to get baptized for “Navidad Blanca”! Delfia and Antoni are too! They are so excited and they truly love the Savior! They go to church without us passing by for them.

Kelvin and Miosoti are very bright but they don’t always feel. We felt like we were just teaching them for their knowledge, but then we taught them about converison this week.  Taught them about how we need to really make that decision to convert and make a change(s) in our life to follow Christ. They really showed a desire to follow Christ and said they would fight for it! We were so excited.
(Kelvin also told us that our phone is “chuipi” or ghetto. haha And yeah, it is…)

Rey said he is going to give up smoking AND coffee. We told him that we will give up rice and beans, because that is crazy for them since that is what Dominicans eat everyday. We are praying for him.

Well sorry I don’t have much time today but I love you and Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy Vegas!!

Love always,

Hermana Johnson


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