Forgive and Forget

Hello family!

2014 10 bola hitching

This week was super busy! To start off we had a training for all the new missionaries and their trainers. We had been preparing for this all week, We left a little early for Barahona. The zone leaders let us know it was the same as last time for the sisters in the house. So we got up and the guagua was a little late so we were a few mins. late. The building was locked when we arrived so we called our zone leaders. They said everyone should be there. They then asked if we were in Azua… no we weren’t! Because they said it was the same as last time and we assumed… so we walked back to catch another guagua to Azua, which took over 2 hours… yup, we were a little frustrated by our zone leaders, haha. But it was an adventure and we sure did laugh. So we made it for about one hour of the training and then ate lunch and headed back. Oh man what would we do without them, but what do we do with them? haha In other words–forgive and forget, but remember enough to always confirm! haha

D and A have a baptism date.  D has a true desire to follow Christ and so does A.  D is the grandma, 56 or so, and A is her grandson who is 10. We are excited to see them continue converting unto Christ.

M, who is in the branch presidency, came with us to R and C’s. He is awesome and knows his scriptures.

On Sunday we left the house to go get a recent convert since she has hardly come to church. So we sat outside and finished preparing our talks for sacrament meeting, since apparently we all speak one a month. Needless to say we, have motivation to strengthen the branch, other than out of pure love, and it’s our own need.

Look up this Dominican singer. His songs play everywhere and are always stuck in our heads… Romeo, ok?

Oh and weird name of the week is Pupa, said Poopa. haha i was giggling while I wrote it down, haha. I am losing my laughing filter.

Also this lady who was a little plump in the belly was walking down the street the other day.  She was wearing this completely blue suit that was super snug on her and we thought she looked like a blue berry… haha we were laughing.

Oh, in case you were wondering, my self-confidence will fall when I get home because the people think i am just beautiful. They tell me almost every day, haha. Also if you’re fat people call you fat. They don’t sugar coat things like we do in America.

I love you and miss you bunches!  I think it’s a little harder since it’s my bday this week.  Yes, I love the people–they are kind, but sometimes annoying [she has always had a hard time with people not doing things if they say they will].  I understand a lot and can communicate in lessons pretty well, to the point where I teach about one third of the time.

Keep being awesome and try to do just a little better each day.

con amor,

Hermana Johnson


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