Zone Conference, Frogs and Fat Rolls


Well this week has been filled with so much!!!

We had zone conference in Azua with a ton of the campo this week. We hopped in the back of a member’s truck and met the rest of our zone in the guagua at the cruze. it is supposed to take just over an hour to get there but it only took us 40 mins! we received conference bread which is really good bread from the capital. Elder and sister Cornish were our guests- they are awesome!!
the theme of the conference was conversion: how we not only need to convert ourselves but also our members and menos activos too. There were two music numbers- one by our house “yo se que vive mi senor”. They fed us then we heard some more and then headed off. I received my big package and also my note and my small baby package!! Thank you!!!

When we got off at the cruze again we hitch-hiked back and I tried climbing in and then this lady decided to help me finish and literally lifted me in the back of the truck hahahah we were laughing so hard we all almost peed our pants.

I saw like three pigs in the streets this week and they just wander, so funny because they are huge pigs too! haha

One night we came home and Hermana H turned on the light in the kitchen and there was a Huge frog!! So we had and adventure trying to get that out of our house. He ended up hopping back out the window!

M, an amiga of a recent convert has a baptism date for December, on the day of navidad blanca.
Navidad Blanca is going to be a date where we are going to try and baptize 20 people from our companionships in our district. It’s going to be hard bc a ton of people need to be married first, but we are praying and the rama is starting to help out. We are going to have bake sales to raise money for the marriages since the people don’t really have a ton of money. If y’all want to pray for us that would be appreciated. We are going to make miracles happen with some help from on high!!

D is starting to learn and she is one of the truly honest! She doesn’t learn super fast but she is dedicated. During our lesson her nieto who lives with her started playing with his fat rolls and Hermana H and I started giggling and it was so hard to hold ourselves together. Ay mi madre!

Today we went to the BEACH!!!! yes the BEACH!!!!!! it was gorgeous! Pretty much our whole zone was there minus a few that are far away. We took pictures and it was super nice! Mom and dad we are going one day!!

This week I have new challenge for you… share the gospel by living it! Try to say something nice or just don’t say something at all…

I love you all!!

Hna Johnson


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