2 Whole Meses (months) Today!

Saludos family!

It’s official– 2 whole months in the mission!! Ahhhh it’s gone so fast and so slow–in other words I have never learned so much in such a short time! but i love it!

We taught M  who is a friend of a recent convert. She is religious but doesn’t have a church right now, she told us that she isn’t sure what church is true but she thinks that the mormons are the right one. However we haven’t seen a whole lot of progress or desire from her.

Now I’m not sure if i have told you about R and C but here we go… R has one leg. the other one was chopped of because it wasn’t healing after his moto crash so he has 5 years without it. he can’t support his family very well and has a ton of faith in the lord. His wife C is so shy but sweet, and they are so open to our message, the understand everything we teach thanks to the spirit. They have been together for 25 years that’s a long time in these days. But we don’t think they are legally married just like everyone else but we have high hope for them!

We found a menos activo familia who have two daughters that aren’t baptized. so we are going to see where there at and hopefully teach them. Every time we go over they give us food!!! we got a sugar cane taller than me and ollama which is a mix between a pumpkin and butter nut squash. Then they gave us juice and cookies (which sadly we couldn’t eat bc we aren’t allowed to but we took one to be polite) and then they gave us a ton of plantanos! We made mongu which is basically mashed potatoes, with garlic. We eat garlic with everything… i don’t mind it but i think i have a weird smell now… . We also made fritos which are awesome and like french fries… yes i love them of course!

well D received a bautizmo date this week, at first she was a little unsure but she was able to see the importance by the next lesson.

Oh this week we made mexican food!!! yum! and also french toast!! Surprisingly we don’t make that much rice.

We had a zone meeting and after we went to a restaurant and I ate a hamburger!!! It was ok but the fries were good.

Well, i am learning that the more i give myself to the lord the more he helps me help people. So in your lives this week see how the lord can use in he hands and i promise you will see blessings.

con mucho amor,

Hermana Johnson


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