General Conference

Well this week was my first full week.  I am starting to get the hang of things around here and still learning Spanish.  I am coming to understand more and more, but speaking is hard still, but this week I have a new goal to speak more in our lessons and Hermana H and I decided that I will start out our lessons now… ahhhh.  I need a little push and I will learn a ton, so I’m nervous and excited!!

I met our district leader this week and his companion he is from  just outside of LA, Roland Heights or something.  And I went to our first district meeting we talk about our investigators and have a little devotional.
My first week here we contacted this man and his mom. We asked if we could share more, he said yes, so we went back another day and he wasn’t there.  So we tried again this week and they were there, we just did an introduction lesson, then visited again on Saturday we taught the Restoration, it went so well!! He was super interested, his wife is to but she just doesn’t have as many questions.  He was given the Libro de Mormon while he lived in Spain.  He hasn’t read much but he really believes in  God.  he doesn’t have  a religion but he studies his Bible.
We made guiaba juice this week– soooooo good!
We watched Conference and it was awesome to hear the people in their actual tongues, (well Spanish) haha needless to say conference was very condensed for me but i caught the themes and understood quite a bit.  But I cant wait to get the Liahona and read them all in English haha.  On Saturday it was all about love and how we need to not judge but love everyone, no matter their circumstances, and then Sunday was all about sustaining and listening to the Prophet because he receives revelation for us.  oh Elder Hugo Martinez who spoke is the 2nd councillor in the Carribe and he spoke to us at the CCM, he is really a cool guy!
I am learning that I need to have more faith in my investigators even though they don’t always keep their compromisos they are God’s children and I am to prepare myself to be an instrument in God’s hands to bring them unto Christ.
Love you all!  I hope you will strive to bring yourself closer to Christ and others with you on the way there!
se cuida (take care)
I love yall tons! adventure is out there!

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